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VINTACHIC borns from the deep passion its owner Esterita had for Fashion and Vintage Fashion. She starts to collect vintage clothing and accessories since she was a child, by asking her mom, aunts and granmother for some of their vintage pieces and, later on, by travelling in Europe, as London and Paris, in search of exclusive vintage garments.

By the end of 1990s, Esterita moves to USA, enriching further her Vintage Collection. In Miami starts to work in famous TV channels as cosutme designer, beginning with her first Vintage Fashion Shows. Beside that, she studies Interior Design.

Came back to Italy after several years abroad, Esterita continues traveling, buying more and more items. She participates as special guest to several Vintage Exhibitions and Fashion Shows, due to her already unique vintage selection, in many towns in Italy, as Milan, Rimini, Ravenna, Castel Gandolfo, Rome.

In 2009, given to the fashion international trend for Brides to get married in a Vintage Dress, Esterita adds another Line to the already substantial Collection: the “Vintage Bridal Dresses & Accessories”, which now counts over 300 items from 1880 to 1980,, making VINTACHIC the only enterprise in Europe skilled in Vintage Wedding Dresses.

It’s in 2011 when Esterita officially opens the Company “VINTACHIC”, debuting at the famous show “Premi David di Donatello”, on air on RAIUNO TV, with some of her Dresses, becoming therefore RAI TV Supplier.

In 2012 the opening of VINTACHIC Showroom in Viale Parioli, one of the most elegant and luxurious streets in Rome, arouses the interest of the press, and that’s when Esterita starts to be invited on many TV programs to show her collection and speack about Vintage, so far considered an expert in that field.This will make VINTACHIC known as the most classy vintage reality. Here Esterita receives her customers by appointment, providing, as well, a Vintage Fashion Consulting for any future Bride up to the day of her marriage.

In February 2015 VINTACHIC becomes a store, moving to one of the most worldwide known historical street in the centre of Rome, Via di Ripetta, a drop from the famous Spanishsteps, beside the most famous brands and the most exclusive shops.


A journey back in time to discover the styles that accompanied the brides of the last century, with an absolutely one of a kind collection of over 300 vintage wedding dresses since 1880 to 1980.

The Red Moustaches by Simona Pastore

VINTACHIC is the right solution for those who want to stand out wearing a garment that, besides being a genuine Vintage, it is exclusive, valuable, in perfect condition, professionally dry clean, and perfectly ready to wear. Wearing vintage means to feel unique and beautifully different, especially in a globalized fashion like this one, which makes hard to find somethig to distinguish ourself.

Many Celebrities love to wear Vintage in private or public life, as Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Raquel Zoe, the style icon Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry, Fearne Cotton, Abbey Clancy, Naomy Campbell, Anna Friel, Millie Mackintosh, Alexa Chung and many, many others, as the charming First Lady Michelle Obama, who introduced for the first time the custom to wear Vintage at the White House!!!

VINTACHIC vaunts the careful selection and the care of each garment or accessory, thoroughly inspected for its refinement, originality, quality and condition before to be exposed on sale or rental.


Over 300 Bridal Dresses, from 1880 to 1980
Evening, Cocktail and Day Dresses, from 1920 to 1980
Long Skirts, from 1960 to 1980
Suits, Jackets and trousers, from 1950 to 1980
Bags, Shoes, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Scarfs and all kind of Fashion Accessories from 1900 to 1980
A Man Section, with Classy Formal Suits, Tuxedos, Shirts, Cufflinks Ties, Bow Ties, Sunglasses, from 1920 to 1980

Our Services

Vintachic is an exclusive vintage boutique in Rome offering the flollowing services:

  • Free vintage fashion consulting to any future Bride
  • Vintage consulting by appointment
  • Vintage clothing sell to privates and enterprises
  • Vintage dresses rental for ceremonies, parties and events
  • Vintage clothes and accessories purchase
  • Personalized dresses creations with vintage materials
  • Tailoring for any kind of alteration or repair of our items
  • Restoration of vintage and antique clothing and accessories
  • Vintage Wedding Planning
  • Themed event and parties organization

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